About US

Founded in the year of 2006 in November Veri Kurtarma Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. – Data Recovery Services, provides services with its professional engineer staff by the experience and knowledge of ten years. We perform data recovery, data replication, data purging, data research for cybercrime (forensics) and decryption from every type of hard disk (IDE, SATA, SCSI, NOTEBBOOK), microdrive, floppy disc, CD/DVD/BlueRay, USB Flash disk, RAID, NAS,SAN, iomega ZIP/JAZZ/REV DRİVE, DAT, DLT,LTO, memory cards (SD/COMPACT FLASH, Xd,MMC, Smart Media) by utilizing successfully all new technological developments and devices in this area. For the first time in Turkey we have started using CLEANROOM technology which porvides cleanest environment for hard disks to open and we are also the first company to invest this technology in Turkey. By this technology Veri Kurtarma Hizmetleri has saved Turkey from dependency to overseas and has saved critical data of important public bodies, a lot of universities, holding companies.

Our professional engineers, who provide data recovery, data purging, data replication, decryption and data analysis (forensics) on every operating system, file systems and every environment on which data is recorded, are well trained during years and have great experience on this area.

We have capability of data recovery from all other environments and hard disks which have dropped, burnt, scratched, broken down... etc. by the cooperation with overseas laboratories, constant training and investments in latest technology.

Do you wonder why the best companies of Turkey prefer to work with us? Briefly;

Professional service quality

Speed analysis period and data delivery

Highest success rate

%100 confidentiality in work

The only cleanroom in Turkey

Certified and experienced engineer staff

Do not worry if you have experienced data loss; without any intervention send the device directly to our headquarters. Up to now thousands of our customers have preferred us without having any problem, loss or situation in the areas of data processess which require special equipment, software, technical equipment, knowledge and experience.


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