SSD Data Recovery

SSD (Solid State Drive), which is replacing fast HDD (Hard Disk Drive) technology, is one of the new generation data storage devices. It is the name given to the drivers benefiting from internal loops and memory shivers instead of mechanical parts. It is chosen due to its high speed. Compared to the conventional hard disks computers having SSD functions much faster and all the applications operate faster.

As SSD doesn’t have mobile parts, sudden possible breakdown of them are quite low. And also it can be quite difficult to save data from SSDs. Since they are produced with crypto by the manufacturer, the data is not be able to save after static charging and being exposed to magnetic area. SSD has got a certain writing capacity and when you reach that level it is useless. The meaning of not having mobile parts is that SSD doesn’t get effected by outside shakes contrary to HDD.

Whish coming from the engine and clicks from disk head are the common features of HDD. But SSDs function totally silent. SSDs doesn’t have fragmentation problem like HDDS. They have feature to solve this problem automatically and they do not need your intervention. On the other hand their high price can be shown as one of the disadvantages.

SSD data recovery process starts with analyse step before doing intervention to the disk. If the data is possible to recover, SSD data recovery process goes on. Data recovery can be managed in the highest performing laboratory of Turkey with its experienced and professional staff in this area.


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