RAID Data Recovery

RAID is the use type which a lot of enterprise choose with thrust. Well, what is RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Dısks)? If we have one disk in our computer, our actions are limited. This hard disk stays in the speed and safety with factory settings, it is impossible to change. On the other hand we may have an answer with RAID to the question of ‘what can we do if we want our system work faster and all the data in our hard drives can be protected more safely?’

Firstly RAID is a little bit more costly operation but in return we may have faster, safer computer system or a system can make both at the same time.

You will need more than one disk in order to use RAID and that’s what increase the cost. We have to use RAID technology, if we have more than one hard drive and we want to have faster, safer (or both) process. RAID is a numerous technology, therefore there is no single purpose. Commonly used RAID models nowadays are;

• Raid 0 (Striping)
• Raid 1 (Mirroring)
• Raid 0+ 1 (Striping + Mirroring)
• Raid 5 (Striping with Parity)

RAID 0; at least it is formed with two disks. While being written into disks, information is divided and every part is written different disks, thus the period for writing into disks gets lower as duration of disk access period which is the main time consuming process due to the fact that the information is in small pieces. Also reading the information with small pieces will take less time and by this way RAID 0 will earn you observable speed in writing and reading processes.

RAID 1 is formed at least two disks. While writing into one disk, the copy of information is written into another disk. By this way, even if, one is breaks down, the data loss is prevented as the same information is in the other disk and the system keeps working. The main objective here is to prevent data loss and so safety. In this method you may not gain speed increase and also a little bit speed loss occurs.

RAID 0+ 1, is also known as RAID 10. If we want speed and data safety at the same time this can be a proper choice. It provides back up of information with RAID 1 which was divided into pieces with RAID 0. Thus you may provide both speed and safety. The system forms at least with four disks and total capacity of system equals to half capacity of total disk numbers. As it is understood the earnings are many and the cost is too high.

RAID 5; this system is developed both speed and data safety. At least three disks are necessary. In this system when the data starts to be written, at first step the data is written in first and second disks and at the same time the algorithm of data is written onto third disk. At the second step when the data is written onto the first and third disk, the algorithm of the data is written onto the second disk. When the data is written onto second and third disk, the algorithm of the data is written onto first disk. Until the end this circle goes on like this.

Apart from this commonly used structure also RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 6, RAID 50, RAID 51, RAID 60 are encountered. RAID structures are used in servers and data store devices which cover multiple disks. They are formed with SATA, ESATA, PATA (IDE), SCSI, ISCSI, AoE, SAS, SSD, FCoE disk types. They can also be applied storing devices such as IBM, Intel, EMC, NetAp, product series and also SAN and NAS store devices.

We can order some of the case samples which we prepare from thousands of RAID problems applied to our company; hard drive collapse, starter mistake, bad sectors, natural disasters, motor problem, head problem, surface problem, high electric voltage, PCB problem, fall down, problems caused by crushing, file delete or disk formatting, rebuild of sectors, mistakes during disk synchronisation, forgotten password, wrong interventions made by user, back-up mistakes, index problem, complications in raid structures.

Veri Kurtarma Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti is a professional data recovery laboratory which has every type of technique, hardware developed in the market, including all types of RAID problems and every type of problems. We are in your service 7/24 with fast service and best pricing in the sector.


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